Enjoying the view from the balcony.

What happens after the rental?

Chicks are raised here on the farm where they have the companionship of other animals. The have the opportunity to free range and provide eggs for the farm.

What if I become attached and want to keep the chicks?

Chicks are available for sale to a loving family.

New improvements for 2017! We have larger plastic tubs with snap on vented lids. No more worries about little birdies learning to fly. New larger stable waterer. We can't stop the chicks from playing in the water, as they love to do, but this waterer is much more stable. We also added a thermometer. Though not a necessity, it may help the chicks feel nice and cozy. 


2017 season is over. Any interest in spring 2018 please contact us and get on our email list. We send out emails in March for priority reservations.

Here are some chicks enjoying camping!


Rent-a-Chick is a program that will offer an opportunity for children and adults to learn about how precious new life is, the joyful responsibilities of taking care of a baby animal, and to experience a little piece of farm life. It is our joy to share this with you.



An adventure! Arrive at the farm at the appointed time for the Chick-Sitter school where you will learn how to care for your chicks. You will go home with your box filled with litter, feed for 7-10 days, a waterer, feeder, written reminders from Chick-Sitter School and brooder lamp. Of course that also includes two lovely one week old chicks to keep each other company and warm. 7-10 days later you return with all the equipment and your rapidly growing chicks.

 Participation cost?

Cost of the program is $40. Due to the expense of the equipment, $65 is collected at the time of rental, $25 is returned at the time of drop off.